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Daclan Look-alike Meter

[originally posted at Multiply, 7 June 2008] by Mary Ann

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for mariam cali: the myoma story

hi beauty! since i wasn’t able to see you there for that “myoma story,” let me just share with you about it here online. (sosyal noh)

having that FLP therapy did wonders to a number of diseases i had had. because of the aloe vera properties, which by principle would eliminate whatever is foreign inside the physical body (abnormal presence there), there were growths i had which were also melted away simultaneous with the main purpose – myomata elimination.

I had this childhood hemorrhoid, from my father’s side, which had grown in size as i also grew older. In fact, I sometimes could NOT sit flat on a chair due to the inflamed (at times bleeding) hemorrhoid.

There was also a recurring tonsillitis since i was in grade 2; i was in antibiotics for this from erythromycin to servitrocin by 500mg since (I didn’t know then how bad these drugs are to the kidneys & liver). Then it just worsened & recurred approximately every month during the first years of MSU work with all those committees to attend to. When my tonsils get inflamed i would have high fever (38-390C), chills & body malaise (can’t seem to do a thing due to weakness).

Then there was that very bad dysmenorrhoea since I had my first menstruation at age 12. Grabeh, it’s also increasing in level of pain, as in, it came to a point that i can feel the discomforts at my back & front even a week prior to the actual menstrual flow! Then during the first two days, i had to position myself in fours (murag sigbin) to somehow ease the pains, apart from alaxan (hay, dili motuo og Mydol!). Plus the crying spells! I would learn later that those were caused by the hormonal imbalance within my body.

Then there were those 6 myomata (myoma) surrounding my uterus as actually seen by the Cesarean operation team during my first CS (jan2003).  The team could not take out those, except for the one which was situated away from the intestines, for the purpose of a biopsy (that turned out negative, PTL). Since it was an emergency CS, i was not prepared for the operation like not eating for 12hours (NPO), my intestines were bloated & were touching the uterus. By the way, i was on CS because of oligohydramnios (no more “water”). Kim already was on the 2week “plus” of actual due date. Martin was too keen to have detected the bradycardia (low fetal heart rate, down to 85beats per min; normal is anywhere between 110-160bpm) caused by the oligo state.  Martin made it a habit to count FHR every morning by placing his ear on my bulging abdomen. He knew how to do it as he was a trained nurse aide at Mindanao Sanitarium &Hospital.

Actually, two myomata were seen on my 2month-ultrasound that grew bigger in size during my 6month & 8th month untrasounds. i had 3ultrasounds every pregnancy, one per trimester…been pregnant 3times, hence i had 9ultrasounds in all, all at micron.

I was told by my gyne & the naturopathic specialist of the possibility to have hysterectomy (complete removal of my internal reproductive system) when i’d reach my 40s, so i was advised to reproduce as i could (notice the 3kids from 2003 to 2006!).  Kim (15jan2003), Johm (29dec2004), & sam (8dec2006). Per job advantage, they were all planned to be born by December so i can attend fully to the baby for 5months! Mathematics in motherhood! Christmas vacation to 2month maternity leave to summer vacation. By the time i’m back to the limelight (er classroom diay), the baby’s able to eat soft food, convenient for the daddy to babysit. Ay! Back to myoma.

This prompted me to seek for alternative medicine that would prevent the hysterectomy. I’d say, it was good that I had been a believer of natural healing; this is not to say that i’m not for the artificial. I seem to have collected IDs from my registration with different companies offering natural health products since 1992: Jason Winters Tea, Shaklee, Forever Living Products, E.Excel, DXN, Kinotakara, K-Link. These i’d tried the products & i’d say, each had good effect on me & my parents (beneficiaries of my purchased items too).

At that time my husband’s relative (Sweetie Morales Maquiso) was so ecstatic in sharing with us how she was spared of the planned surgery when her ovarian cyst ceased to be visible in ultrasound.  She said she had FLP therapy, that’s why.

Hence, even when pregnant with Kim then at seven months in my uterus, with the professional medical guidance & suggestions of my naturopathic specialist, I underwent FLP therapy. First effect – i was never bothered by my hemorrhoid even with my heavy abdomen.  Next, tonsillitis has not shown off anymore.

Then when Kim’s one year & two months, we decided it’s time for the second baby (braving the Cesarean section wound eh). I went to Cebu to learn more about FLP in the two-day training from Ms. Yasuy (a beauty-brainy-wow-sexy nutritionist turned practicing FLP prescriptionist…& very good at it! Lots of testimonials from cases turned down by western med doctors but became well with the FLP combination therapies).

I continued with my FLP therapy. Back to the principle, only what is foreign is eliminated (myoma, hemorrhoid), what is natural (fetus) is nourished. My 4month ultrasound did not register any sign of the myomata; the same with the two succeeding ultrasounds. Then when the same CS team in the same hospital (Mercy Community Hospital) performed CS on me on dec2004, they could not see a trace of the 5myomata! Recall, that of the 6myomata, one was taken out for a biopsy. BUT… the area where that one myoma was surgically scraped off… there was sprouting/budding (like that of a pruned tree branch). This made me continue still with my FLP therapy, albeit with modifications of the 5-8combination products by the naturopathic specialist DocNonoy.

The second CS was again an emergency because of fetal tachycardia (more than 160bpm, opposite to the first CS). This was due to the position of the baby as he is bigger. Johm was born 7.8lbs then.

My third baby (Sam) was scheduled for CS 8Dec2006, same CS team & hospital.  It was confirmed by the team that there were no more trace of the myoma, even those sprouts were gone!

I guess it turns out positive that we didn’t see each other at the College for i was forced to put my experience into writing. And, in doing so beauty, i can’t help thinking how fortunate i am to have treaded that path to wellness, with few individuals I met as instruments to it. I thank God for allowing me to know FLP, for unlike the usual buntis who experiences the common hassles of pregnancy, i was kind of spared from those. my tummy’s just grown big, that’s all.  And my kids are in great shape, not much of synthetic supplements ever, only FLP!  Understandably, as always, I have the fervor to share the good reaps I had with FLP. TGBTG! PTL!

May my story help you in any way, beauty. For sure God provides us with what is in nature for us humans to use for our well-being & happiness & peace. For how can we be happy if we are ill, with dis-ease; how can we have peace with any disturbance to our health at all!  As what health experts would say, seek a second opinion.  Consult the general practitioner, the family doctor who sees you as a whole person & not just by part according to specialization.  I suggest… you see the naturopathic doctor this time. The natural… the less side-effects or no side effects at all.


DISCLAIMER: This is not written for and in behalf of the Forever Living Products Company. This is just a written account of the author’s personal experience with the efficacy of the products taken by her and her immediate family members.  

[originally posted at Multiply, 13 June 2008 7:30 AM] by Mary Ann

Value Vision Products: Not as Seen on TV!


This concern started in January 2008 when telemarketer Justine Bautista of POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC called my celfon with offers of items on sale by her Company. Justine has my number from my aunt-in-law LC, her customer in the business.  My friend LAR was with me at that time of the call. We both decided to order the Air O Space Bed charged to LAR’s credit card.  LAR ordered one queen-sized while I ordered one queen-sized and one single-sized Air O Space Beds. The single-sized was for my sister AVF.


On 25 February 2008, we received the package from POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC (see Attachment A).  We did enjoy sleeping and relaxing on the bed.  However, aS much as we enjoyed with the comfort the beds gave us, we could not continually do so for the beds simply ran out of air and would become fluffy.  We used the patches accompanying the package.  But this did not hold long. We reported this to telemarketer Miss Justine through a text message for which she’d call as in response. 


As advised by Miss Justine, we sent the beds to POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC on 22 September 2008 via Air21 (please see Attachment B). Air21 is the Company’s official courier.  For weeks to months, we have not received any feedback regarding our beds.  Through a text message, Miss Justine informed us that she had taken a sick leave and that she formally endorsed us to her officemate-friend Meg Aquino. 


Miss Meg Aquino then called us and told us that the Company is still waiting for stocks of the Air O Space Beds and would inform us immediately whenever the items are available. 


Meanwhile, she offered us new products – like what you’ve seen on TV – that her Company is putting on sale. I was in my friend’s house during that call, MBH residence, just two-door away from our rented apartment.  MBH got interested about the juicer on sale from P14,000 to only P6,995! Weekly, Belen usually would bring 2-3kilos of fresh fruits at a local Vegan store here for juice extraction.  She asked me to include her one juicer when I make my order.  In short, we placed two orders of the juicer on promo for a total of P14,590 (2 juicers = P13,990 and P600 courier fee) charged to my sister AVF’s credit card this time. 


When the Company called my sister to verify the charges, it informed her that since there was only P11,500 available on her credit card, it would just send one juicer with other items to fill in the P11,500.00 and it will just send the other juicer when the card’s available credit is okay. There were 2 boxes of Auto Cool products. We would just send back the other items then.  That was not customer-friendly at all. With that deal, the entire available amount left at that time had all been used up.  I would not have agreed on that deal had I taken the confirmatory call.  In short, the item was delivered to us on 15 October 2008 (please see Attachment C).


MBH had the juicer first.  She and her family were so happy with the ease with which they were able to juice fresh fruits. Right away, her husband gave their old, light-duty juicer to a relative. Just a week after receipt and use of the Juicer, however, it just emitted smoke all of a sudden! 


We reported this incident via text message to telemarketer Meg Aquino who in turn called and instructed us to “ship” it back to their Office so they can replace it.  We were told that the Total Juicer delivered to us may just have a factory defect.  We did ship it back through Air21 paying P700.00 for the charges.  Right away, we received the replacement on Saturday, 29 November 2008. 


Unpacking it few days later, on 4 December 2008, intending to juice some fruits, to Belen’s utter dismay, the Jumpstart Juicer as replacement did not work!  During the previous tele-conversation, Miss Aquino assured us that due to the untoward incident, she would personally supervise the testing of the items before packing them up and sending them to us. If this was so, how could a product just unpacked be nonfunctional at all!


It was noteworthy that the Company sent us a completely different brand.  It was before the brand Total Juicer, but the replacement was already Jumpstart Juicer! It would not have mattered had the new juicer functioned as it should. MBH and her family were in utter dismay they wanted a cancellation of the order! They feared the possibility of sending-resending of the item to and fro Manila.


With regards to the Auto Cool product, which MBH’s husband decided to use, it ended up unused after one try because it did not function as it supposed to – maintain coolness inside an air-conditioned car while parked for a few hours exposed to the sun.  The inside of the car is still hot same way it normally is even without the Auto Cool.  The product did not make any difference at all! Not like as seen on TV!


We faxed a letter to POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC. regarding the non-operational items with accompanying request for cancellation of that order (please see Attachment D).  The said fax-letter also contained reminder about the replacements for the Aerobeds. 


In response, Miss Aquino called and instructed us to fax the official receipt from Air21 to confirm that we indeed had sent back the Air O Space beds (see Attachment B).  Until this moment, there is no update regarding the Air O Space beds. As to the juicer, once again Miss Aquino instructed us to send back again the item for them to replace!


This entails another P700 courier fee to our end!  The juicer’s promo price of P6995 had been added P700 when we sent it back for replacement.  Now we need to pay another P700 for the second time!  And until when shall we do this!  I told Miss Aquino if we can send back the item without any charge since it is not our fault that the item is nonfunctional.  The reply was negative.  How uncaring and unjust that is!


I am trying to show the non-operational juicer through a video take using a digital camera.  Notably, the Tagalog is a sure give-way of the Visayan tongue; nevertheless, it is a sincere attempt to document the misfortune that befalls us as customers.








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Kim’s BIG school: Living Spring Academy

[originally posted at Multiply, 8 June 2009 10:29 PM]

KIM: My kindergarten teacher, Teacher Joy, often told us during our classes before that we will be going to the BIG school! Today is my first day of school to the BIG school – the Living Spring Academy! Last month (May 2009) Daddy brought me to different schools and let me take the entrance tests. I passed in the entrance tests I took at Youngster Learning School then La Salle Academy then Living Spring Academy then at St. Michael’s.  Only Living Spring and Youngster have a half day class, the rest including La Salle and St. Michael’s have a whole day class! Kindergarten classes were held only for two hours, a half day class in elementary will not tire me that much, according to mom and dad. Between the two schools, Living Spring and Youngster, my parents chose the former because it is according to them follow similar pattern as the Montessori’s educational style.

Living Spring Academy follows the ACL curriculum: A for Academic Excellence, C for Character Building, and L for Leadership Training. It also does not emphasize competition against other pupils by not giving the traditional merit system of first, second and so on. Instead it emphasizes competition against own capabilities by awarding with precious stones like pearl, emerald, sapphire, and ruby.  For example, Ruby award is given to pupils who garnered a total of 98-100 GPA with no grade below 96.

Dad and mom also agree with LSA that I should be the one to make my assignments and projects. I was taught this at Montessori. During the parents’ orientation, LSA told parents to just provide for the materials for a project, let us pupils bring the materials to school and we will make the projects ourselves. There is an area in the classroom where we can exhibit our work.

There is also a circle time. We can squat on the floor with a puzzle mat and express our feelings of happiness or sadness or anger. Our teacher will teach us how to forgive our sister or brother who we had a fight at home. This is done before we begin our class.

There is also the LET or Library Experience Time where we will go to the Library and the teacher will allow us to choose the books we like! The teacher will also read to us a story there. WE can explore the books inside the library during this time.

Daddy just paid the four thousand worth of my books this morning. Right now, my tito Mcwain is putting on plastic covers on the books. Mom already bought my seven Dear God series of nonspring composition notebooks, grade 1 pad, pencil, Sterling Care Bears pencil case, ballpen, Faber-Castell eraser at Cagayan de Oro before she traveled back here from her Nurses’ Licensure Exam last June6&7.

Mom will bring me to school today because she still has no class yet at MSU today. Daddy will pick me up this afternoon. My class starts at 12:30pm and ends at 5pm. As usual, I will be riding my service – the trisikad – from here to LSA for P20. I wish and I pray that I will have a better service vehicle soon. I hope mama Abing will be well-placed already sooner because she will surely give me a better ride =)

By the way, my grade 1 teacher is another Teacher Joy! What a joy it will be learning!

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It’s My Time!!!

[originally posted at Multiply, 26 July 2009 2:30 AM]

God is good, all the time!!! 

It’s my time to be a registered nurse! 
Just last night, the June6-7, 2009 Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) was released here … me as #8905

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Me: Now a Survivor!!!

[originally posted at Multiply, Aug 25, ’09 8:30 PM]

God is good, all the time! 

Here I am,  able to celebrate my birthday today! 
God gave me LIFE (and not death!) by saving me from the brink of systemic infection caused by a ruptured appendicitis (estimated to be a day by the surgeon). 

For 6 nights, I stayed in confinement at the Mercy Community Hospital (Aug5-11); was operated on August 6. The procedure? – exploratory laparotomy appendectomy.  The CS cut was opened for the fourth time! whew, the wish for a fourth preg was hampered by the appendix =(
The case was sort of difficult to diagnose as there was no acute pain and if there was mild discomfort it was considered part of my “mens”… hmmnnn… the body has its way of alerting its boss — “passing out” the third time in three successive days did convince me to seek hospital admission. PTL!!! My guardian angel’s as active as ever!

** again, aloe vera gel worked well by encapsulating the pus in a location (intestinal surface) preventing spread of infection and rendering the operation faster than expected of a ruptured appendix (like exploratory laparotomy)… again PTL!!!

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Farewell To My Friend Victim of That Infamous Ampatuan Massacre: Cynthia Oquendo

[originally posted at Multiply, Nov 29, ’09 11:58 AM] by Mary Ann

We call her Chins in the Super New Girls Dormitory (SNGD). She was one of the eight occupants at Room#28, I was at Room#24. Both rooms were at the Second Floor and we shared routine dorm activities: bathing inside the General Bath / Comfort Rooms at the First Floor, washing clothes at the Laundry House, walking through the hallways with “shares” on hand or carrying school things, ploying antics to ‘selected’ boys from either the Super New Boys Dormitory or Rajah Solaiman Dorm as they passed by in front, visible enough from upstairs…  

She was taking up nursing then, I was taking up Sociology. At that time though, even when she was a nursing student she was so involved in student activism at the campus, applying what I just studied in functionalism and conflict theories in Sociology. I remained passive in such activities and just observed them while I made the most out of symbolic interactionism, socializing with the varied ethno-linguistic studentry from the MinSuPala Region. [who would have thought at that time that I would become a nurse in 2009! =)]  

She did not finish nursing though, she went to Cebu to pursue Political Science and I just learned late last year when we met again through the worldwide web that she had become a lawyer. That she had married a “kabs” who is also an MSUan and they already had three kids, all boys, same age range as my three darlings too. We exchanged notes and said to each other how blessed we were to have great families! I also learned that she was learning to be an equestrian, having two horses to ride on. She’s really so dynamic venturing on new things. She was a very good keyboardist too, she often played with her portable piano at the dorm and even in Church.  
whew! as a mother, my heart bleeds for the children so young without a mother, deprived by those power-hungry politician warlords in acts devoid of humanity! I can only give my support in bringing justice to her and the other deaths by signing petitions here Letter for Justice and by lighting an Inspirational Candle in lieu of the actual Candle Light event (which I can not attend) that will be held on December 1st (which is supposedly Chins’ 36th birthday).  
May these children grow in God’s guidance with their mother looking down at them in peace.  
Tomorrow, 30 October 2009, Chins will be laid to rest. Farewell my friend! Rest in Peace…

Remembering My PRC Day: The Pinnacle of My Names’ Corrections

16 April 2009. A Thursday. The day before the last day of filing for NLE at PRC. We arrived at CDO past 3pm. That was after I went to Tambacan and Dean Gaid for her signature. at 4AM Martin went to NSO for our certificate of marriage. He saw Mimi and Karen and Michael there. Martin and I then met and had lunch at Mandarin before we traveled to CDO.

I could not forget that day. It was the culmination of the erroneous names I’ve had had for the past thirty decades! What I’ve always known was that my surname was erroneous. At the PRC, however, with the trained eyes of the senior evaluator, my first name too had an error!

I’ve prepared for this day a year before. In June 2008, I’ve filed for the correction of PALLER to FALLER through my younger sister, Annabelle. She had to go home to our hometown and travel for a day for such an errand!  Kim went with her that time.  What made my case more complicated was, in fact, on my birth certificate, it was recorded PALER. The legal world finds this rather unacceptable. Well, I am just a victim here of sheer ignorance!  

Anyway, I paid a little more than a thousand for the application of change of spelling for my surname at our Municipal Registrar. At last, on the first week of March 2009, the security paper from NSO finally arrived! I immediately submitted it to the MSHC Registrar’s Office. I felt relieved that the FALLER I’ve been using at MSHC was finally legal and official. And that I would not have problems with PRC then.

Voila! When I was facing the lady at PRC window 1, she saw something on my NSO document!  My first name had only one word MARYANN!  Looking at me through her spectacles, she told me to have an affidavit that one word name is in fact two words MARY ANN! I was beginning to feel the knot on my stomach tightening – that was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon! My classmate Mimi had bade me byebye at least 30minutes ago!  Classmate Vina finished hers in the morning as she left Iligan at dawn with her husband.  I wouldn’t like to come back again here the following day!  Another thing was, the lady noticed that on my Certificate of Marriage, my family name was still PALLER. She also wanted me to add that on the Affidavit!

My brain cells were on somersault searching for a lawyer’s name that I knew of based in CDO… Common, I forgot the name of Abing’s friend who we visited one time at RTC Branch13 just a block away from PRC!  I later remembered her to be Gerlie Luis!  And she called me ate huh… Anyway, my brain was able to recall Roel Camorro, ninong of Kim!  Good that I still have his number on my cel.  I dialed and God blessed me it rang!  And my fears that he could be out of town or on-leave were appeased. “Si, where are you here in CDO? I really need your help for an affidavit ….blah..blah…blah…”  He instructed me to proceed to his Office.  While in taxi, I already sent him a text message of my concern.  Good that Martin’s with me and he knew CDO well.  In 5minutes, we were in Roel’s Legal Office!

After few words & hugs’ greetings, Roel said “Let’s get down to business then!”  Facing him was his computer, an unfinished document already there on the screen.  He perused through my documents while instructing clients entering the Office to sit down and wait, mumbling, “an erroneous first name and an erroneous surname…” After few clarifications by questions and answers, the affidavit’s printed!  I also asked him to make me another affidavit that is generic – for passport purposes.  That was ten minutes to 5! He dismissed us by saying, “I would be insulted if you’d pay me!”  I simply replied, “I am indeed honored to have you summarized my Being.” Roel’s undergraduate course was Philosophy (magna cum laude).

We scurried back to PRC and arrived five minutes before 5 o’clock!  No more cuing, just less than 10 people around.  The lady at Window 1 had her back turned arranging documents. “Ma’am…” She looked at me and raised her left eyebrow, “unsa na man?” I smiled at her and handed her the Affidavit and the rest of documents she already had checked on earlier.  She read the contents and told me, “ok, you hurry to the cashier and pay and then go to the second floor.” No more cuing… while I was paying, Martin pasted 2×2 pictures on two more sheets provided and went upstairs and cued as the third client.

The girl before me was told “What time did you come here?”
“3pm ma’am” 

“so, you should have been told to come back tomorrow!” 
aghhh, patay ko ani… 
I hurriedly handed her my documents and she returned the small form “please complete it” u-huh, “signature,” gave it to her, she returned it, “birthplace”, handed it, returned it “cedula”… my… I’m beginning to feel like an idiot… I’m ready to receive kasaba as long as I’ll finished today! Amazingly enough, she didn’t scold me eh! It pays to be older huh. She told her officemate, “tomorrow, IIT people will be here, more than a hundred of them, but their documents were already ironed out daw…imagine, they haggled with me about time, they’ll arrived here daw by 3pm! I told them, you arrived in the morning!”

To make this story short – – Martin and I were out of PRC already finished … time was 5:10pm.

I texted Roel, “We did it! The lines used in friendships ‘Just call my name and I’ll be there’ and ‘I’m just a text away’ have become true to me today. Thank you for being there.”

He replied, “What are friends are for?”


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KUDOS to Kim’s Ninang: Bogging Bontol for Topping the Nov2009 NLE

      Topping the November 2009 Nurses’ Licensure Examination (NLE) is Kim’s ninang, Clarie Morales Bontol.  Family and friends call her Bogging.  

   She is generous, she took time to give to Martin in January 2006 the files she was able to compile from the Internet on anatomy and physiology.
      That was when I started Nursing and that was still at Iligan Medical Center College (IMCC), October 2005 to be exact.  I’ve been at IMCC from OCtober2005 to May2006 and transferred to the Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College (MSHC) in June2006.  I even encouraged Bogging to be at MSHC too, but she said she could not “take” the four religion subjects, which a student can only enroll one after the other for prerequisite reasons.  Well we (me and my 6 other classmates) preferred the SDA’s 4 religion subjects than the IMCC-Nursing Department then =).  Owing to “diskarte” we were able to take religion subjects simultaneously in a semester, finishing the four in two semesters. 
      We both finished BSN in 2009.  Because my NSO case (Paller to Faller) was resolved earlier than hers (Claire to Clarie), I was able to take the June2009 NLE. 
      To me, Bogging is already “cooked,” she just needs to be 

scooped. She scored 99.99% in her National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) while at UP-Diliman as a student in BS Biology.  She did not finish the course though so she was not able to use the NMAT score for Medicine.  She graduated Valedictorian at the Philippine Institute of Japanese Language and Culture in 2004. And why will she not? She had been speaking, reading, writing Nihongo (Niponggo) since her childhood days!  The enrollment was just for her to have a formal document to prove her prowess in the said foreign language.  It led her to the job as translator to Japanese 

diplomats in the country for a time, before enrolling in nursing.  Her love for anime shows as a child gifted her back the language proficiency without effort.  Her laptop, her cellular phone are in Nihongo you just can’t meddle with her gadgets.  
      Bogging welcomes every opportunity there is to learn.  In fact, she even borrowed my nursing review materials, which can be considered “old” as they were what my sis Abing used in her time at East-West Center in 2005.  

I just used them because they were the ones only available to me, considering my inability to attend a formal review center.  But she can have any updated reviewer she may wish to have.  Old they may be, she did not overlook the possibility that she may learn something from them. 

     Congratulations ging!!! 
      Go go go!!!
During the Thanksgiving Celebration, 6 February 2010.

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Bebang’s Experiences of Cancers: Her Therapies and Survivor Spirits

We knew about sisBebang’s cancers from Day1 and how she survived from those with God’s compassion and grace through different ways, including FLP.

Barely a year after Bebang left the convent life in 2004; she was diagnosed with 7myoma.  When she joined the world of workcancer1a, she was employed as call center agent of a western company based in Manila. The fast-paced metropolitan life subjected her to unhealthy diet of fast-food meals and snacks, irregular and deficient sleeping hours, lesser physical activities and the like.  With the company’s regular medical check-up, her multiple myomas were discovered.  

Probably owing to her company’s large coverage in health insurance, she was administered two separate medical procedures within a 5-week gap. She first  underwent D&C (dilatation & curettage) on 9Sept2005 where the myomas were sloughed off from her left ovary.  And on 12Oct2005 she underwent hysterectomy (complete removal of 2ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus). Biopsy of the growths revealed cancer at Stage2.cancer1b

She decided to go home to her mother, already 70 years old, who is in Iligan City.  Her only brother met her at the airport in Cagayan de Oro CIty.  In a wheelchair, her brother recounted that he did not recognize his sister who looked really sick, thin and lackluster.

While in Iligan, she took heed of her family’s advice to take on health supplements to enable her to recuperate faster. Bebang religiously took the prescribed combination of FLP supplements & tried hard to follow a healthy diet of fish, vegetables, and fruits.  For the record, she grew up a meat eater and a fastfood regular.  Consequently, her sacrifices paid off, and her health had tremendously improved.  Looking good and feeling better already, she went back to Manila and resumed her work as Call Center Agent.  While working, she simultaneously underwent chemotherapy at St. Luke’s Hospital, with her former religious sisters and some officemates as companions.

She was back to to her commercialized diet and work-stresses.  These and her continued chemotherapies with no more FLP supplements probably ignited the lurking CA cells once more and at a higher level.  Barely a year had passed when she underwent hysterectomy, a spread-out tumor was spotted on her MRI reading.  The tumor blocked some of her proper braicancer2an functions that she experienced erratic coordination between her intended task and actual realization of such task.  While she ate, her spoon passed by
her mouth.  She looked a little cross-eyed at times as the affected eye was fixed while the other eye moves about.  Later, she had seizures.

The tumor’s condition was difficult to operate since it was spread out, considering the delicate brain matter and the time needed to take out the tumor.  It was at this condition that, with her family’s prodding, Bebang took FLP again.  The gel (AVG) reportedly (by testimonials) has the property to encapsulate tumors.  She took the supplements while the family scouted for the appropriate hospital with reasonable and affordable medical costs where the procedure would take place.  Her surgeon suggested that instead of having the procedure at the Medical City, where she was confined, it will be done at the PGH.  Same procedure, same doctor, different hospital, lesser costs.

cancer2bTo the amazement of her doctors, subsequent MRI showed a consolidated localized tumor.  What the naturopathic doctor, Dr. Yasuy, said about the Aloe Vera gel chemical properties capable of encapsulating tumors had came true to Bebang’s case.  This encapsulation story had been experienced by a number of patients under Dr. Yasuy’s care.  It is worth to mention here too that my own ruptured appendicitis in August 2009 also localized and did not spread to cause systemic infection, given that rupture was approximated by Dr. De la Cruz to be over 24 hours already.

Localization of the tumor made it possible for the operation.  Hence, on 23Sept2006, she underwent Craniotomy (opening of the skull to expose the brain) so doctors could take out the tumor there. The biopsy from PGH & St. Luke’s revealed the same, Cancer of the Brain at Stage4.  The said biopsy was even repeated five times in both hospital laboratories as it baffled the doctors what type of cancer was it, primary or metastatic.  She had CA Stage2 for her lower reproductive system, if it would metastasize it would affect nearby organs like the liver, lungs, or colon.

Part of her medical management was for her to undergo radiation after the craniotomy.  She decided to have her radiation in Cebu, home province of both her parents.  One of her physicians revealed to her his medical opinion that given the gravity of her case and the corresponding management she had, still she may possibly have three to six months or more to live. This prompted her to request us to go to Cebu and bring the kids, especially the newborn third child, Sam.  Despite the fact that baby Sam was still 3weeks old, we travelled to Cebu as per her tita’s request to “at least see” the new niece Sam. Of course, there was the then 2-year old Johm and 4-year Kim. There was also me who was just 3weeks postpartum from the third Caesarian operation.  One can just imagine Martin’s challenges at that time.  We had to come home immediately then, after three days, for my BSN classes at Sanitarium. 

After the radiation therapy, Bebang with 70-year old mamaNene as companion came home to Palao.  While at home, Bebang had to grapple through the walls as she treaded from her room towards the other parts of the house.  That time, her remaining medication was only Dilantin, a medicine to take if there is a hint of aura for possible seizure.  Technically, she had no more medicine for her condition as she was done with the medical management planned for her, operation-medication-radiation. Once again, she embarked on the FLP therapy and healthy diet.  Gradually, she regained back her health. When baby Sam turned a year & a half, Bebang started working at her Alma Mater, St. Michael’s College.  The RVM sisters who were with her all through her health struggles told her that she must work so as not to be bored and treat work as something to make her happy and not be stressed out. She continues to take her FLP supplements & consults docNonoy now & then. 

To date, baby Sam, who becomes the point of reference of Bebang’s life after her survivorship of cancers, is at present 3 years old and 4months.

Indeed, it is only God who has the final say when He will recall us back to His fold, in His due time.

Year 2015 UPDATE: 

Our reference point of Bebang’s second life is our youngest child, Sam, who is to turn 9 years old this December.  Indeed, God is good, all the time.  Below is how Bebang looks.  She always don her head with a protective headband with attachment cloth to cover her head.  Her 76-year old mother, Sam’s Lola Nene, hand-made a number of these headbands in various colors to suit Bebang’s office uniform, church clothes, and casual daily wears.



DISCLAIMER: This is not written for and in behalf of the Forever Living Products Company. This is just a written account of the author’s personal experience with the efficacy of the products taken by her and her immediate family members.

PHOTO CREDITS: from personal album of Minerva Daclan and the author

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