Bebang’s Experiences of Cancers: Her Therapies and Survivor Spirits

We knew about sisBebang’s cancers from Day1 and how she survived from those with God’s compassion and grace through different ways, including FLP.

Barely a year after Bebang left the convent life in 2004; she was diagnosed with 7myoma.  When she joined the world of workcancer1a, she was employed as call center agent of a western company based in Manila. The fast-paced metropolitan life subjected her to unhealthy diet of fast-food meals and snacks, irregular and deficient sleeping hours, lesser physical activities and the like.  With the company’s regular medical check-up, her multiple myomas were discovered.  

Probably owing to her company’s large coverage in health insurance, she was administered two separate medical procedures within a 5-week gap. She first  underwent D&C (dilatation & curettage) on 9Sept2005 where the myomas were sloughed off from her left ovary.  And on 12Oct2005 she underwent hysterectomy (complete removal of 2ovaries, fallopian tubes, and uterus). Biopsy of the growths revealed cancer at Stage2.cancer1b

She decided to go home to her mother, already 70 years old, who is in Iligan City.  Her only brother met her at the airport in Cagayan de Oro CIty.  In a wheelchair, her brother recounted that he did not recognize his sister who looked really sick, thin and lackluster.

While in Iligan, she took heed of her family’s advice to take on health supplements to enable her to recuperate faster. Bebang religiously took the prescribed combination of FLP supplements & tried hard to follow a healthy diet of fish, vegetables, and fruits.  For the record, she grew up a meat eater and a fastfood regular.  Consequently, her sacrifices paid off, and her health had tremendously improved.  Looking good and feeling better already, she went back to Manila and resumed her work as Call Center Agent.  While working, she simultaneously underwent chemotherapy at St. Luke’s Hospital, with her former religious sisters and some officemates as companions.

She was back to to her commercialized diet and work-stresses.  These and her continued chemotherapies with no more FLP supplements probably ignited the lurking CA cells once more and at a higher level.  Barely a year had passed when she underwent hysterectomy, a spread-out tumor was spotted on her MRI reading.  The tumor blocked some of her proper braicancer2an functions that she experienced erratic coordination between her intended task and actual realization of such task.  While she ate, her spoon passed by
her mouth.  She looked a little cross-eyed at times as the affected eye was fixed while the other eye moves about.  Later, she had seizures.

The tumor’s condition was difficult to operate since it was spread out, considering the delicate brain matter and the time needed to take out the tumor.  It was at this condition that, with her family’s prodding, Bebang took FLP again.  The gel (AVG) reportedly (by testimonials) has the property to encapsulate tumors.  She took the supplements while the family scouted for the appropriate hospital with reasonable and affordable medical costs where the procedure would take place.  Her surgeon suggested that instead of having the procedure at the Medical City, where she was confined, it will be done at the PGH.  Same procedure, same doctor, different hospital, lesser costs.

cancer2bTo the amazement of her doctors, subsequent MRI showed a consolidated localized tumor.  What the naturopathic doctor, Dr. Yasuy, said about the Aloe Vera gel chemical properties capable of encapsulating tumors had came true to Bebang’s case.  This encapsulation story had been experienced by a number of patients under Dr. Yasuy’s care.  It is worth to mention here too that my own ruptured appendicitis in August 2009 also localized and did not spread to cause systemic infection, given that rupture was approximated by Dr. De la Cruz to be over 24 hours already.

Localization of the tumor made it possible for the operation.  Hence, on 23Sept2006, she underwent Craniotomy (opening of the skull to expose the brain) so doctors could take out the tumor there. The biopsy from PGH & St. Luke’s revealed the same, Cancer of the Brain at Stage4.  The said biopsy was even repeated five times in both hospital laboratories as it baffled the doctors what type of cancer was it, primary or metastatic.  She had CA Stage2 for her lower reproductive system, if it would metastasize it would affect nearby organs like the liver, lungs, or colon.

Part of her medical management was for her to undergo radiation after the craniotomy.  She decided to have her radiation in Cebu, home province of both her parents.  One of her physicians revealed to her his medical opinion that given the gravity of her case and the corresponding management she had, still she may possibly have three to six months or more to live. This prompted her to request us to go to Cebu and bring the kids, especially the newborn third child, Sam.  Despite the fact that baby Sam was still 3weeks old, we travelled to Cebu as per her tita’s request to “at least see” the new niece Sam. Of course, there was the then 2-year old Johm and 4-year Kim. There was also me who was just 3weeks postpartum from the third Caesarian operation.  One can just imagine Martin’s challenges at that time.  We had to come home immediately then, after three days, for my BSN classes at Sanitarium. 

After the radiation therapy, Bebang with 70-year old mamaNene as companion came home to Palao.  While at home, Bebang had to grapple through the walls as she treaded from her room towards the other parts of the house.  That time, her remaining medication was only Dilantin, a medicine to take if there is a hint of aura for possible seizure.  Technically, she had no more medicine for her condition as she was done with the medical management planned for her, operation-medication-radiation. Once again, she embarked on the FLP therapy and healthy diet.  Gradually, she regained back her health. When baby Sam turned a year & a half, Bebang started working at her Alma Mater, St. Michael’s College.  The RVM sisters who were with her all through her health struggles told her that she must work so as not to be bored and treat work as something to make her happy and not be stressed out. She continues to take her FLP supplements & consults docNonoy now & then. 

To date, baby Sam, who becomes the point of reference of Bebang’s life after her survivorship of cancers, is at present 3 years old and 4months.

Indeed, it is only God who has the final say when He will recall us back to His fold, in His due time.

Year 2015 UPDATE: 

Our reference point of Bebang’s second life is our youngest child, Sam, who is to turn 9 years old this December.  Indeed, God is good, all the time.  Below is how Bebang looks.  She always don her head with a protective headband with attachment cloth to cover her head.  Her 76-year old mother, Sam’s Lola Nene, hand-made a number of these headbands in various colors to suit Bebang’s office uniform, church clothes, and casual daily wears.



DISCLAIMER: This is not written for and in behalf of the Forever Living Products Company. This is just a written account of the author’s personal experience with the efficacy of the products taken by her and her immediate family members.

PHOTO CREDITS: from personal album of Minerva Daclan and the author

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  1. As I copied and pasted this post from Multiply to this new site, I realized that Sam will be turning 6 years old this December 8, 2012. Bebang is, by God’s grace, still working at St. Michael’s College. Still, she continues to take FLP supplements and really strive to maintain a healthy diet (more fish and veggies) and occasional (taste-sizes) of not-so-healthy food (red meat, sugary, cola). I personally told her to eat the no-no food in taste-sizes so as not to stress out her psych =)

  2. Hi! Would you know where we can contact Dra. Yasuy? Thanks

  3. God is really good! He is indeed the God who heals. You are so bountifully blessed ma’am minerva.Kudos to the author too.

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