Farewell To My Friend Victim of That Infamous Ampatuan Massacre: Cynthia Oquendo

[originally posted at Multiply, Nov 29, ’09 11:58 AM] by Mary Ann

We call her Chins in the Super New Girls Dormitory (SNGD). She was one of the eight occupants at Room#28, I was at Room#24. Both rooms were at the Second Floor and we shared routine dorm activities: bathing inside the General Bath / Comfort Rooms at the First Floor, washing clothes at the Laundry House, walking through the hallways with “shares” on hand or carrying school things, ploying antics to ‘selected’ boys from either the Super New Boys Dormitory or Rajah Solaiman Dorm as they passed by in front, visible enough from upstairs…  

She was taking up nursing then, I was taking up Sociology. At that time though, even when she was a nursing student she was so involved in student activism at the campus, applying what I just studied in functionalism and conflict theories in Sociology. I remained passive in such activities and just observed them while I made the most out of symbolic interactionism, socializing with the varied ethno-linguistic studentry from the MinSuPala Region. [who would have thought at that time that I would become a nurse in 2009! =)]  

She did not finish nursing though, she went to Cebu to pursue Political Science and I just learned late last year when we met again through the worldwide web that she had become a lawyer. That she had married a “kabs” who is also an MSUan and they already had three kids, all boys, same age range as my three darlings too. We exchanged notes and said to each other how blessed we were to have great families! I also learned that she was learning to be an equestrian, having two horses to ride on. She’s really so dynamic venturing on new things. She was a very good keyboardist too, she often played with her portable piano at the dorm and even in Church.  
whew! as a mother, my heart bleeds for the children so young without a mother, deprived by those power-hungry politician warlords in acts devoid of humanity! I can only give my support in bringing justice to her and the other deaths by signing petitions here Letter for Justice and by lighting an Inspirational Candle in lieu of the actual Candle Light event (which I can not attend) that will be held on December 1st (which is supposedly Chins’ 36th birthday).  
May these children grow in God’s guidance with their mother looking down at them in peace.  
Tomorrow, 30 October 2009, Chins will be laid to rest. Farewell my friend! Rest in Peace…

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