for mariam cali: the myoma story

hi beauty! since i wasn’t able to see you there for that “myoma story,” let me just share with you about it here online. (sosyal noh)

having that FLP therapy did wonders to a number of diseases i had had. because of the aloe vera properties, which by principle would eliminate whatever is foreign inside the physical body (abnormal presence there), there were growths i had which were also melted away simultaneous with the main purpose – myomata elimination.

I had this childhood hemorrhoid, from my father’s side, which had grown in size as i also grew older. In fact, I sometimes could NOT sit flat on a chair due to the inflamed (at times bleeding) hemorrhoid.

There was also a recurring tonsillitis since i was in grade 2; i was in antibiotics for this from erythromycin to servitrocin by 500mg since (I didn’t know then how bad these drugs are to the kidneys & liver). Then it just worsened & recurred approximately every month during the first years of MSU work with all those committees to attend to. When my tonsils get inflamed i would have high fever (38-390C), chills & body malaise (can’t seem to do a thing due to weakness).

Then there was that very bad dysmenorrhoea since I had my first menstruation at age 12. Grabeh, it’s also increasing in level of pain, as in, it came to a point that i can feel the discomforts at my back & front even a week prior to the actual menstrual flow! Then during the first two days, i had to position myself in fours (murag sigbin) to somehow ease the pains, apart from alaxan (hay, dili motuo og Mydol!). Plus the crying spells! I would learn later that those were caused by the hormonal imbalance within my body.

Then there were those 6 myomata (myoma) surrounding my uterus as actually seen by the Cesarean operation team during my first CS (jan2003).  The team could not take out those, except for the one which was situated away from the intestines, for the purpose of a biopsy (that turned out negative, PTL). Since it was an emergency CS, i was not prepared for the operation like not eating for 12hours (NPO), my intestines were bloated & were touching the uterus. By the way, i was on CS because of oligohydramnios (no more “water”). Kim already was on the 2week “plus” of actual due date. Martin was too keen to have detected the bradycardia (low fetal heart rate, down to 85beats per min; normal is anywhere between 110-160bpm) caused by the oligo state.  Martin made it a habit to count FHR every morning by placing his ear on my bulging abdomen. He knew how to do it as he was a trained nurse aide at Mindanao Sanitarium &Hospital.

Actually, two myomata were seen on my 2month-ultrasound that grew bigger in size during my 6month & 8th month untrasounds. i had 3ultrasounds every pregnancy, one per trimester…been pregnant 3times, hence i had 9ultrasounds in all, all at micron.

I was told by my gyne & the naturopathic specialist of the possibility to have hysterectomy (complete removal of my internal reproductive system) when i’d reach my 40s, so i was advised to reproduce as i could (notice the 3kids from 2003 to 2006!).  Kim (15jan2003), Johm (29dec2004), & sam (8dec2006). Per job advantage, they were all planned to be born by December so i can attend fully to the baby for 5months! Mathematics in motherhood! Christmas vacation to 2month maternity leave to summer vacation. By the time i’m back to the limelight (er classroom diay), the baby’s able to eat soft food, convenient for the daddy to babysit. Ay! Back to myoma.

This prompted me to seek for alternative medicine that would prevent the hysterectomy. I’d say, it was good that I had been a believer of natural healing; this is not to say that i’m not for the artificial. I seem to have collected IDs from my registration with different companies offering natural health products since 1992: Jason Winters Tea, Shaklee, Forever Living Products, E.Excel, DXN, Kinotakara, K-Link. These i’d tried the products & i’d say, each had good effect on me & my parents (beneficiaries of my purchased items too).

At that time my husband’s relative (Sweetie Morales Maquiso) was so ecstatic in sharing with us how she was spared of the planned surgery when her ovarian cyst ceased to be visible in ultrasound.  She said she had FLP therapy, that’s why.

Hence, even when pregnant with Kim then at seven months in my uterus, with the professional medical guidance & suggestions of my naturopathic specialist, I underwent FLP therapy. First effect – i was never bothered by my hemorrhoid even with my heavy abdomen.  Next, tonsillitis has not shown off anymore.

Then when Kim’s one year & two months, we decided it’s time for the second baby (braving the Cesarean section wound eh). I went to Cebu to learn more about FLP in the two-day training from Ms. Yasuy (a beauty-brainy-wow-sexy nutritionist turned practicing FLP prescriptionist…& very good at it! Lots of testimonials from cases turned down by western med doctors but became well with the FLP combination therapies).

I continued with my FLP therapy. Back to the principle, only what is foreign is eliminated (myoma, hemorrhoid), what is natural (fetus) is nourished. My 4month ultrasound did not register any sign of the myomata; the same with the two succeeding ultrasounds. Then when the same CS team in the same hospital (Mercy Community Hospital) performed CS on me on dec2004, they could not see a trace of the 5myomata! Recall, that of the 6myomata, one was taken out for a biopsy. BUT… the area where that one myoma was surgically scraped off… there was sprouting/budding (like that of a pruned tree branch). This made me continue still with my FLP therapy, albeit with modifications of the 5-8combination products by the naturopathic specialist DocNonoy.

The second CS was again an emergency because of fetal tachycardia (more than 160bpm, opposite to the first CS). This was due to the position of the baby as he is bigger. Johm was born 7.8lbs then.

My third baby (Sam) was scheduled for CS 8Dec2006, same CS team & hospital.  It was confirmed by the team that there were no more trace of the myoma, even those sprouts were gone!

I guess it turns out positive that we didn’t see each other at the College for i was forced to put my experience into writing. And, in doing so beauty, i can’t help thinking how fortunate i am to have treaded that path to wellness, with few individuals I met as instruments to it. I thank God for allowing me to know FLP, for unlike the usual buntis who experiences the common hassles of pregnancy, i was kind of spared from those. my tummy’s just grown big, that’s all.  And my kids are in great shape, not much of synthetic supplements ever, only FLP!  Understandably, as always, I have the fervor to share the good reaps I had with FLP. TGBTG! PTL!

May my story help you in any way, beauty. For sure God provides us with what is in nature for us humans to use for our well-being & happiness & peace. For how can we be happy if we are ill, with dis-ease; how can we have peace with any disturbance to our health at all!  As what health experts would say, seek a second opinion.  Consult the general practitioner, the family doctor who sees you as a whole person & not just by part according to specialization.  I suggest… you see the naturopathic doctor this time. The natural… the less side-effects or no side effects at all.


DISCLAIMER: This is not written for and in behalf of the Forever Living Products Company. This is just a written account of the author’s personal experience with the efficacy of the products taken by her and her immediate family members.  

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  1. Hi there, just became alerted to your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative. I will be grateful if you continue this in future. Many people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

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