Kim’s BIG school: Living Spring Academy

[originally posted at Multiply, 8 June 2009 10:29 PM]

KIM: My kindergarten teacher, Teacher Joy, often told us during our classes before that we will be going to the BIG school! Today is my first day of school to the BIG school – the Living Spring Academy! Last month (May 2009) Daddy brought me to different schools and let me take the entrance tests. I passed in the entrance tests I took at Youngster Learning School then La Salle Academy then Living Spring Academy then at St. Michael’s.  Only Living Spring and Youngster have a half day class, the rest including La Salle and St. Michael’s have a whole day class! Kindergarten classes were held only for two hours, a half day class in elementary will not tire me that much, according to mom and dad. Between the two schools, Living Spring and Youngster, my parents chose the former because it is according to them follow similar pattern as the Montessori’s educational style.

Living Spring Academy follows the ACL curriculum: A for Academic Excellence, C for Character Building, and L for Leadership Training. It also does not emphasize competition against other pupils by not giving the traditional merit system of first, second and so on. Instead it emphasizes competition against own capabilities by awarding with precious stones like pearl, emerald, sapphire, and ruby.  For example, Ruby award is given to pupils who garnered a total of 98-100 GPA with no grade below 96.

Dad and mom also agree with LSA that I should be the one to make my assignments and projects. I was taught this at Montessori. During the parents’ orientation, LSA told parents to just provide for the materials for a project, let us pupils bring the materials to school and we will make the projects ourselves. There is an area in the classroom where we can exhibit our work.

There is also a circle time. We can squat on the floor with a puzzle mat and express our feelings of happiness or sadness or anger. Our teacher will teach us how to forgive our sister or brother who we had a fight at home. This is done before we begin our class.

There is also the LET or Library Experience Time where we will go to the Library and the teacher will allow us to choose the books we like! The teacher will also read to us a story there. WE can explore the books inside the library during this time.

Daddy just paid the four thousand worth of my books this morning. Right now, my tito Mcwain is putting on plastic covers on the books. Mom already bought my seven Dear God series of nonspring composition notebooks, grade 1 pad, pencil, Sterling Care Bears pencil case, ballpen, Faber-Castell eraser at Cagayan de Oro before she traveled back here from her Nurses’ Licensure Exam last June6&7.

Mom will bring me to school today because she still has no class yet at MSU today. Daddy will pick me up this afternoon. My class starts at 12:30pm and ends at 5pm. As usual, I will be riding my service – the trisikad – from here to LSA for P20. I wish and I pray that I will have a better service vehicle soon. I hope mama Abing will be well-placed already sooner because she will surely give me a better ride =)

By the way, my grade 1 teacher is another Teacher Joy! What a joy it will be learning!

[originally posted at Multiply, Jun 8, ’09 10:29 PM]

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