KUDOS to Kim’s Ninang: Bogging Bontol for Topping the Nov2009 NLE

      Topping the November 2009 Nurses’ Licensure Examination (NLE) is Kim’s ninang, Clarie Morales Bontol.  Family and friends call her Bogging.  

   She is generous, she took time to give to Martin in January 2006 the files she was able to compile from the Internet on anatomy and physiology.
      That was when I started Nursing and that was still at Iligan Medical Center College (IMCC), October 2005 to be exact.  I’ve been at IMCC from OCtober2005 to May2006 and transferred to the Mindanao Sanitarium and Hospital College (MSHC) in June2006.  I even encouraged Bogging to be at MSHC too, but she said she could not “take” the four religion subjects, which a student can only enroll one after the other for prerequisite reasons.  Well we (me and my 6 other classmates) preferred the SDA’s 4 religion subjects than the IMCC-Nursing Department then =).  Owing to “diskarte” we were able to take religion subjects simultaneously in a semester, finishing the four in two semesters. 
      We both finished BSN in 2009.  Because my NSO case (Paller to Faller) was resolved earlier than hers (Claire to Clarie), I was able to take the June2009 NLE. 
      To me, Bogging is already “cooked,” she just needs to be 

scooped. She scored 99.99% in her National Medical Admission Test (NMAT) while at UP-Diliman as a student in BS Biology.  She did not finish the course though so she was not able to use the NMAT score for Medicine.  She graduated Valedictorian at the Philippine Institute of Japanese Language and Culture in 2004. And why will she not? She had been speaking, reading, writing Nihongo (Niponggo) since her childhood days!  The enrollment was just for her to have a formal document to prove her prowess in the said foreign language.  It led her to the job as translator to Japanese 

diplomats in the country for a time, before enrolling in nursing.  Her love for anime shows as a child gifted her back the language proficiency without effort.  Her laptop, her cellular phone are in Nihongo you just can’t meddle with her gadgets.  
      Bogging welcomes every opportunity there is to learn.  In fact, she even borrowed my nursing review materials, which can be considered “old” as they were what my sis Abing used in her time at East-West Center in 2005.  

I just used them because they were the ones only available to me, considering my inability to attend a formal review center.  But she can have any updated reviewer she may wish to have.  Old they may be, she did not overlook the possibility that she may learn something from them. 

     Congratulations ging!!! 
      Go go go!!!
During the Thanksgiving Celebration, 6 February 2010.

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