Me: Now a Survivor!!!

[originally posted at Multiply, Aug 25, ’09 8:30 PM]

God is good, all the time! 

Here I am,  able to celebrate my birthday today! 
God gave me LIFE (and not death!) by saving me from the brink of systemic infection caused by a ruptured appendicitis (estimated to be a day by the surgeon). 

For 6 nights, I stayed in confinement at the Mercy Community Hospital (Aug5-11); was operated on August 6. The procedure? – exploratory laparotomy appendectomy.  The CS cut was opened for the fourth time! whew, the wish for a fourth preg was hampered by the appendix =(
The case was sort of difficult to diagnose as there was no acute pain and if there was mild discomfort it was considered part of my “mens”… hmmnnn… the body has its way of alerting its boss — “passing out” the third time in three successive days did convince me to seek hospital admission. PTL!!! My guardian angel’s as active as ever!

** again, aloe vera gel worked well by encapsulating the pus in a location (intestinal surface) preventing spread of infection and rendering the operation faster than expected of a ruptured appendix (like exploratory laparotomy)… again PTL!!!

[originally posted at Multiply, Aug 25, ’09 8:30 PM]

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