Value Vision Products: Not as Seen on TV!


This concern started in January 2008 when telemarketer Justine Bautista of POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC called my celfon with offers of items on sale by her Company. Justine has my number from my aunt-in-law LC, her customer in the business.  My friend LAR was with me at that time of the call. We both decided to order the Air O Space Bed charged to LAR’s credit card.  LAR ordered one queen-sized while I ordered one queen-sized and one single-sized Air O Space Beds. The single-sized was for my sister AVF.


On 25 February 2008, we received the package from POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC (see Attachment A).  We did enjoy sleeping and relaxing on the bed.  However, aS much as we enjoyed with the comfort the beds gave us, we could not continually do so for the beds simply ran out of air and would become fluffy.  We used the patches accompanying the package.  But this did not hold long. We reported this to telemarketer Miss Justine through a text message for which she’d call as in response. 


As advised by Miss Justine, we sent the beds to POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC on 22 September 2008 via Air21 (please see Attachment B). Air21 is the Company’s official courier.  For weeks to months, we have not received any feedback regarding our beds.  Through a text message, Miss Justine informed us that she had taken a sick leave and that she formally endorsed us to her officemate-friend Meg Aquino. 


Miss Meg Aquino then called us and told us that the Company is still waiting for stocks of the Air O Space Beds and would inform us immediately whenever the items are available. 


Meanwhile, she offered us new products – like what you’ve seen on TV – that her Company is putting on sale. I was in my friend’s house during that call, MBH residence, just two-door away from our rented apartment.  MBH got interested about the juicer on sale from P14,000 to only P6,995! Weekly, Belen usually would bring 2-3kilos of fresh fruits at a local Vegan store here for juice extraction.  She asked me to include her one juicer when I make my order.  In short, we placed two orders of the juicer on promo for a total of P14,590 (2 juicers = P13,990 and P600 courier fee) charged to my sister AVF’s credit card this time. 


When the Company called my sister to verify the charges, it informed her that since there was only P11,500 available on her credit card, it would just send one juicer with other items to fill in the P11,500.00 and it will just send the other juicer when the card’s available credit is okay. There were 2 boxes of Auto Cool products. We would just send back the other items then.  That was not customer-friendly at all. With that deal, the entire available amount left at that time had all been used up.  I would not have agreed on that deal had I taken the confirmatory call.  In short, the item was delivered to us on 15 October 2008 (please see Attachment C).


MBH had the juicer first.  She and her family were so happy with the ease with which they were able to juice fresh fruits. Right away, her husband gave their old, light-duty juicer to a relative. Just a week after receipt and use of the Juicer, however, it just emitted smoke all of a sudden! 


We reported this incident via text message to telemarketer Meg Aquino who in turn called and instructed us to “ship” it back to their Office so they can replace it.  We were told that the Total Juicer delivered to us may just have a factory defect.  We did ship it back through Air21 paying P700.00 for the charges.  Right away, we received the replacement on Saturday, 29 November 2008. 


Unpacking it few days later, on 4 December 2008, intending to juice some fruits, to Belen’s utter dismay, the Jumpstart Juicer as replacement did not work!  During the previous tele-conversation, Miss Aquino assured us that due to the untoward incident, she would personally supervise the testing of the items before packing them up and sending them to us. If this was so, how could a product just unpacked be nonfunctional at all!


It was noteworthy that the Company sent us a completely different brand.  It was before the brand Total Juicer, but the replacement was already Jumpstart Juicer! It would not have mattered had the new juicer functioned as it should. MBH and her family were in utter dismay they wanted a cancellation of the order! They feared the possibility of sending-resending of the item to and fro Manila.


With regards to the Auto Cool product, which MBH’s husband decided to use, it ended up unused after one try because it did not function as it supposed to – maintain coolness inside an air-conditioned car while parked for a few hours exposed to the sun.  The inside of the car is still hot same way it normally is even without the Auto Cool.  The product did not make any difference at all! Not like as seen on TV!


We faxed a letter to POSITIVE RESPONSE VISION INC. regarding the non-operational items with accompanying request for cancellation of that order (please see Attachment D).  The said fax-letter also contained reminder about the replacements for the Aerobeds. 


In response, Miss Aquino called and instructed us to fax the official receipt from Air21 to confirm that we indeed had sent back the Air O Space beds (see Attachment B).  Until this moment, there is no update regarding the Air O Space beds. As to the juicer, once again Miss Aquino instructed us to send back again the item for them to replace!


This entails another P700 courier fee to our end!  The juicer’s promo price of P6995 had been added P700 when we sent it back for replacement.  Now we need to pay another P700 for the second time!  And until when shall we do this!  I told Miss Aquino if we can send back the item without any charge since it is not our fault that the item is nonfunctional.  The reply was negative.  How uncaring and unjust that is!


I am trying to show the non-operational juicer through a video take using a digital camera.  Notably, the Tagalog is a sure give-way of the Visayan tongue; nevertheless, it is a sincere attempt to document the misfortune that befalls us as customers.








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  1. I came here looking for something else, but this enlightened me regardless. Interesting stuff!

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