Yolanda: A Given Name Now Feared by Many

by Mary Ann

With an international codename Haiyan and locally called Yolanda, this name will be remembered in history as the strongest typhoon the world has ever have, at least until 7 November 2013.

Yolanda has also been used as a name just 3 years ago to a non-tropical cyclone that struck and flooded eastern Europe in 2010.

Looking at the map made by Rappler, one can see why this typhoon is described as the strongest one ever that hit the world. It is even stronger than “Pablo,” destroyed properties and ended lives in most parts of Visayas and Mindanao in December 2012. Barely a year from that experience and here is Yolanda. It must be noted that Visayas has just been lambasted weeks ago by a strong earthquake and still recuperating from the losses and now here is the strongest storm. The typhoon has such a wide scope that ranking of signals reaches to 4 and involving the whole country in various signal.


This afternoon, the Department of Education in Iligan City already released a directive of “no school” tomorrow, Friday, 8 November 2013.

Prayer brigades have been started in various social media.

Local residents can not help but compare typhoons Sendong, Pablo and this coming Yolanda. While conversing and recalling events, there is that inevitable tinge of apprehension and fear.

Outside rain falls with mild strength like that of an attacking soldier in a war and withdrawing after a while, then silence in drizzling then relaxed rain…

It will help if we visualize a peaceful evening free from storm. This may give the impression to Yolanda that she is ignored and unwanted she has to stay away.

God bless us all.

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  1. Thanks God Yolanda did not cause as much devastation as people dreaded. But it was good for people to have prepared well at this time. People are learning from past experiences. Although there are occurrences that people were caught off guard – the “surge.” hmnn…

  2. Vanessa: As you wrote comment on the 9th, it’s uderstandable that not much was yet broadcasted about the extent of the devastation the typhoon left. Excluding other losses, human lives lost alone exceeded 2 thousand (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/335273/news/regions/ndrrmc-yolanda-death-toll-up-to-2-344)… Yes, I agree that the poeple were indeed caught off guard from the so-called typhoon surge. The government already had mentioned it but failed to imprint in the minds of the people pictures of what is really meant by such term.

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