Undeniably the Happiest Pinoy at Anytime!

by Mary Ann

He is the father of Brina Kei Maxino.


So, who on earth is  Brina Kei Maxino? The second child among three daughter-children of the father above, Brina was born with Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome BUT managed to emerge victorious despite the disability.

As just shown on Magpakailanman, a show on GMA hosted by Mel Tiangco,  despite her health condition Brina was able to enroll in school with the rest of the children her age.  And she graduated as high school Valedictorian!

I was really mesmerized as I watched the show and I couldn’t stop myself from googling about Brina and her father.  True enough I was able to see and read great stories about them and their achievements.

Undeniably, it is the family’s positive attitude, optimistic nature and joyful relationship that fueled Brina’s optimum development.

Parents can learn a lot from Brina’s story.  How crucial is our role as parents in allowing our children’s potentials reach the apex.  Unconditional love to our children is paramount. It is non-negotiable.  And aside from its natural existence within our hearts, it takes efforts for us to maintain it and manifest it in our words and actions on a daily basis.  This is true to children without any disability, truer to those with disability.

It doesn’t go unnoticed in the show how the family braved life’s challenges with strong faith.  Members of the family did not just depend on each others’ goodness and strength but more on the power above and beyond them.

The Maxino story should encourage every parent in the grueling tasks of parenting children in whatever situation they are into.

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