Philippine Cellular Phone Prefixes in 2014

Prepaid SIM Cards for Sale

In the Philippines, prepaid SIM cards of various cellular networks are sold everywhere.  There are SIM cards for sale in cellphone shops, reloading stations, and even small sari-sari stores.  There are peddlers selling SIM cards outside of mall entrances and in the streets.

NumerousMOBILE-PREFIX Cellphone Numbers

The above scenarios proliferated the ownership of a number of cellphone numbers by individuals from all walks of life.  One can have both postpaid and prepaid cellular phone numbers.  Even preschoolers have cellphone numbers.  The groovy senior, senior citizens have embraced this technological change by learning to use cellular phones; so they too have cellphone numbers.  When you ask for a cellphone number from a friend you meet, chances are he or she may ask you, “what number do you prefer, Sun, TM or Smart?”  Many individuals own more than one cellular phone with numbers by different network providers.  Even having a single cellular phone but with dual SIM card slots in it allows one to have two sets of mobile contact numbers in combinations of prepaid-postpaid, prepaid-prepaid, postpaid-postpaid.

Irresponsibility in Flexibility

This ability to own numerous prepaid cellular phone numbers is coupled with more untoward activities.  The villains are enabled to realize their dark plans.  One can at anytime destroy and throw away the SIM card used in scamming or bullying others.  It has become normal to receive scam text messages now and then.  The more informed individuals simply ignore and delete the scam messages.  The uninformed or unthinking (?) ones succumbed to the guile by unknowingly giving cellular phone loads, or worse, by depositing processing amounts to claim the supposed large winning prizes.  There are those who bully their enemies using unregistered cellular phone numbers.  How can one file a complaint over someone personified by an unregistered cellular phone number?  It would be like finding a needle in a haystack.


Cellular Phone Number Prefixes

Below are the prefixes of various cellular numbers by various cellular phone network providers.  Knowing these prefixes allows you to save, especially when the number you are to contact belongs to a network different from what you use.  Most unlimited load promos have limited or no provision for call-text to other networks.


One Person = One number

A family member who worked as a nurse in Benghazi, Libya in 2011 shared that every person’s cellular number is registered with the government.  In this case, no one can ever bully or scam anyone without having to face the consequences.  Every number corresponds to only one owner.  This manner somehow protects the general population and making each number owner as a responsible being.  Well, is this possible in the Philippines?  If ever there is a bill on this, who may support and who may oppose? For a start, which side will you be?










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