Mother Feels Child’s Grief

bon.JPGStill this early
But sadness has swept
My feelings already
Last night we gave
Our girls their hair spa
I did oils’ scrubs
Their dad did shampoo
And hairdry

As Sam’s hair’s done
Whatever’s on her mind
Said she’s given care too
Before by ateBon
Our working student
Who had helped care
Her siblings and her
For three years alongside
Her studies at St.Lawrence

Dad said ateBon’s in heaven
Lagud Sam’s tears fell
At 9 years old it’s clear
She understood well
She’s not to see again
Her missed ateBon
Who succumbed to
Acute Hyperthyroidism

After she got her diploma
Bon decided to move on
Eager to flap her wingsbon1
Got work along Tibanga
As she dropped by
Before going home
For Christmas break
She’s extremely thin
Over-sweaty, dry skin

Then early next year
News of her gone
I chose not to tell
Our still young Sam
Yet older kids knew
And had their tears flow
Now Lagud Sam’s time
Had come to grieve


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