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Just Tiis: Unfolding of Previous Manipulative Acts

Yeah, this is the same woman that I introduced here, in the guise of Just Tiis.

I attended a success celebration yesterday. And, most of the guests were people from the same workplace of Just Tiis. The conversation turned to Just Tiis when one of the guests asked the whereabouts of Just Tiis’ immediate supervisor. Then her remarkable past encounters with them just tumbled out one by one.

Let us call her immediate supervisor as Miss Kind. This name suits her well. I want to focus on the positive side of her responses to Just Tiis’ manipulations. Otherwise, she will be dubbed as Miss Never Learned.

According to Miss Kind, Just Tiis’ money problems started right after her extravagant wedding. She had on the wedding invitation a list of 91 pairs of godparents! Miss Kind recalled that she was ecstatic to be on the first page of such long list! She is one of those godparents, like those in the story. Godparents were the first victims of Just Tiis scam.

In 2006, Miss Kind recalled, Just Tiis salary ATM was in the care of someone (Miss R) whom she owed in the running of 200 thousand pesos. So Just Tiis just received a balance of her salary after the deductions for her debt were taken. But Miss R started to look for the new person whjust-tiis-croco may have Miss Just Tiis new ATM. She has not yet received the full payment but the ATM in her care had become useless.

Tired from repeated borrowing, Miss Kind refrained from lending cash to Just Tiis. Miss Kind handed her jewelries instead for Just Tiis to pawn. Of the three jewelries borrowed for pawning, two were returned after incessant demand for the return, with the help of other officemates. The third jewelry was past due and ended in the ownership of the pawnshop.

There was this national conference that Miss Kind went with Just Tiis after the latter convinced her that they both attend it. At the registration area, Just Tiis said to Miss Kind, “can you please pay for my registration at this time?” And told the people around, “she is my financier.” Miss Kind felt trapped, paid for Just Tiis registration fees. As a consequence, she ended up borrowing money herself from another friend at the conference.

While MIss Kind was sharing these experiences she had with Just Tiis, somebody from the group remarked, “If she was put to a stop at that time, she may not have victimized more.” Right, Miss Kind’s co-godmother (Miss A who invested over 200 thousand in 2013) even was her co-member in a work committee. at that time. They often met then. So, Miss Kind told Miss A, “why didn’t you verify with me first about the reliability of Just Tiis? We always met then.”

Others in the group commented, “lying is already natural to her.”

“How many children does she have to incur unending debts?”  – “Only one.”

“How does her earning husband help her with her debts?” – “Her anchor husband left her already.”

“What’s her relationship with that guy she is always with?” – “No idea.”

“What biological father is sick. How many fathers does she have?” – “There is adoptive father who died before. There is a biological father who was just sick.”

“What’s her excuse this time for being absent for long?” – “She has emergency. Her finger has a node that the doctor said required 130 thousand pesos for operation.”

Well, back to the recent godmother victim. Too late for this godmother. The over 200 hundred thousand was part of her retirement fee. Worked for three decades and the money just fell to the hands of Just Tiis.

Too late even for the future kind-hearted individuals that Just Tiis will meet and sweet-talk.

Saving the Self: Fears of The Predator and the Prey

Today, I am a prey that turned into a predator, to save myself.

Seated in front of my netbook, I was set to do my exercises in data management and  processing in social research. But something moving under my bed caught my left peripheral view. I literally and intentionally froze myself to allow its graceful passage, without a bit of a disturbance. It glided in a grand fashion looking as if it owned the place. It held its head high and with eyes alertly gleaming, scanning the surrounding as it guided its full length towards the wide open door. It did not, however, passed through the door. It appeared to not like the open space. It headed towards the door hinges leading to  dark corner of the room, where I piled up my used clothes for laundry.

As if regaining my sane self from a temporary trance, I took my cellular phone and dialled the number of my knight in shining armor. A slight fear had managed to creep inside my gut as I spoke, “hon, there’s a snake that just crawled inside the room!” At that moment, I just wanted somebody else to know what I am into. So, I felt a great relief when at the other end of the telecommunication line, my knight said,  “I am going there now.” Oh. How could I not expect that. Because he is always preoccupied with multi-tasking at the workplace, I did not think he would, that’s it.

I started to carefully take out things that cover the view of that corner. There was the black laptop and its wirings. A black bag and the kids’ notebooks from last night’s assignment making. The kids like to make their assignments in my room, it’s always like that. Where their mom is, the children follow. They have their room with study tables and bright lights installed, but they wanted to crowd into my space. Well, watching a snake crawl on the floor where my precious kids usually sit sent chills my spine! ewww…

So, I browsed through the internet to have wise steps on how to deal with snakes in the house. Yes, I believe it came from the grassy lawn outside. And, because of the heat, it looked for a cool place to hide. Surely, a house is not a desirable habitat for snakes. Well, I fear its poison, just in case. It fears bigger predators like humans. That is why I did not move a muscle then while it passed before me. But, in this life, whoever has the bigger fear has the bigger stake. Between us, I have the bigger stake, so it seemed. I am sorry I d o not know the snake-story. The internet said not to try to hit it, just open the door and guide it out. Call animal control. Oh, these are rather easier said than done! Guide it out! So, that was our goal then. But, as we saw it and its fighting stance, we decided to just immobile it. I said, “sorry snake, but we can not take our chances here.” Really sorry.

I realized that fear for our life make us act accordingly to save it. And having a knight is really something so comforting, not just to the heart, but also to the mind.



Minerva’s 10 Triumphant Years Over Cancers

Below is a poem I posted as birthday greetings for my once-a-nun sister-in-law, Minerva, on her Facebook wall. Minerva, or as we fondly call her Bebang, celebrates her 49th birthday on 5 October 2016. She is cancers’ survivor for ten years now. Her life is a living testimony of God’s immense grace and how life is not dictated by bookish pathophysiology   of cancer or other so-called “terminal” illnesses. That we are reminded to look beyond what is before us. That while we adhere to the medical interventions prescribed by modern medicine, we also need to exhaust other sensible therapeutic options available. That we may need to sacrifice our palate’s wants from time to time for the greater purposes of healing the greater parts of out body.

Ter Minerva, you’ve journeyed well the bumpy roads from ten years ago
The year Lagud Sam’s born was your victory over cancers
Yes, not just one but two – for being a woman and for being brainy too
Stage 2 then stage 4, oh you’ve jumped off those perilous stages

Foremost by God’s grace you joyfully live life and continue to shine
Each day as God grants you without falter is an amazing experience
As you continually gives praise to God in all your circumstances
We are witnesses to how you glorify God even in smallest graces

True with such major procedures you are in such a delicate condition
But it never stops you from living life and outdo whatever the situation
For your upkeep you commute and work just like any industrious worker
Shielded by your unwavering faith and of course there’s FLP your forever

Indeed you are the real epitome of your fave song “I will survive”
Ten years of God’s immense grace is one of those life’s miracles
Ter, you certainly inspire many hopeless to rise and enjoy the ride
In this life’s vehicle on loan to us we must at all times be courageous


bebang at 49.jpg