Minerva’s 10 Triumphant Years Over Cancers

Below is a poem I posted as birthday greetings for my once-a-nun sister-in-law, Minerva, on her Facebook wall. Minerva, or as we fondly call her Bebang, celebrates her 49th birthday on 5 October 2016. She is cancers’ survivor for ten years now. Her life is a living testimony of God’s immense grace and how life is not dictated by bookish pathophysiology   of cancer or other so-called “terminal” illnesses. That we are reminded to look beyond what is before us. That while we adhere to the medical interventions prescribed by modern medicine, we also need to exhaust other sensible therapeutic options available. That we may need to sacrifice our palate’s wants from time to time for the greater purposes of healing the greater parts of out body.

Ter Minerva, you’ve journeyed well the bumpy roads from ten years ago
The year Lagud Sam’s born was your victory over cancers
Yes, not just one but two – for being a woman and for being brainy too
Stage 2 then stage 4, oh you’ve jumped off those perilous stages

Foremost by God’s grace you joyfully live life and continue to shine
Each day as God grants you without falter is an amazing experience
As you continually gives praise to God in all your circumstances
We are witnesses to how you glorify God even in smallest graces

True with such major procedures you are in such a delicate condition
But it never stops you from living life and outdo whatever the situation
For your upkeep you commute and work just like any industrious worker
Shielded by your unwavering faith and of course there’s FLP your forever

Indeed you are the real epitome of your fave song “I will survive”
Ten years of God’s immense grace is one of those life’s miracles
Ter, you certainly inspire many hopeless to rise and enjoy the ride
In this life’s vehicle on loan to us we must at all times be courageous


bebang at 49.jpg


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