Saving the Self: Fears of The Predator and the Prey

Today, I am a prey that turned into a predator, to save myself.

Seated in front of my netbook, I was set to do my exercises in data management and  processing in social research. But something moving under my bed caught my left peripheral view. I literally and intentionally froze myself to allow its graceful passage, without a bit of a disturbance. It glided in a grand fashion looking as if it owned the place. It held its head high and with eyes alertly gleaming, scanning the surrounding as it guided its full length towards the wide open door. It did not, however, passed through the door. It appeared to not like the open space. It headed towards the door hinges leading to  dark corner of the room, where I piled up my used clothes for laundry.

As if regaining my sane self from a temporary trance, I took my cellular phone and dialled the number of my knight in shining armor. A slight fear had managed to creep inside my gut as I spoke, “hon, there’s a snake that just crawled inside the room!” At that moment, I just wanted somebody else to know what I am into. So, I felt a great relief when at the other end of the telecommunication line, my knight said,  “I am going there now.” Oh. How could I not expect that. Because he is always preoccupied with multi-tasking at the workplace, I did not think he would, that’s it.

I started to carefully take out things that cover the view of that corner. There was the black laptop and its wirings. A black bag and the kids’ notebooks from last night’s assignment making. The kids like to make their assignments in my room, it’s always like that. Where their mom is, the children follow. They have their room with study tables and bright lights installed, but they wanted to crowd into my space. Well, watching a snake crawl on the floor where my precious kids usually sit sent chills my spine! ewww…

So, I browsed through the internet to have wise steps on how to deal with snakes in the house. Yes, I believe it came from the grassy lawn outside. And, because of the heat, it looked for a cool place to hide. Surely, a house is not a desirable habitat for snakes. Well, I fear its poison, just in case. It fears bigger predators like humans. That is why I did not move a muscle then while it passed before me. But, in this life, whoever has the bigger fear has the bigger stake. Between us, I have the bigger stake, so it seemed. I am sorry I d o not know the snake-story. The internet said not to try to hit it, just open the door and guide it out. Call animal control. Oh, these are rather easier said than done! Guide it out! So, that was our goal then. But, as we saw it and its fighting stance, we decided to just immobile it. I said, “sorry snake, but we can not take our chances here.” Really sorry.

I realized that fear for our life make us act accordingly to save it. And having a knight is really something so comforting, not just to the heart, but also to the mind.



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