Ode to You: Have I Neglected Thee

Even insured by Mariah Carey
How often have I neglected thee
No doubt like a goat on priority
But maybe due to your versatility
Coupled with your dependability
Always in place like the infantry
Oh not that late for the so sorry

In the countryside way back when
Demands for thy use overwhelms
Wandered expanse under coconut trees
Submerged for hours in muddy ricefields
For seedling pulls or catch mudfishes
Walked miles to locate a lost carabao
Climbed gooseberry trees by the riverside

Followed wishes and commands
Of purposely driven bosses
On dancefloor until music ends
Trekked valleys cum boondocks
Crossed series of shallow rivers
Visited unknown random houses
Soaked by the rain not the pants

One day wirings just gone berserk
Sporadic red patches surfaced
The bosses had to step on the brake
Erythema nodosum was suggested
Bedrest should be to slow the tribe
Hypersentivity vasculitis is the D x
Twelve days of pred antihist as T x

The human mortal knows nothing
Each tic toc may bring in anything
Could be life’s likes or not in the least
Either brings out the worst or the best
May be beyond mind’s understanding
Who can fathom the Supreme Being
Let each chime well lived as grace

~ ~ ~

I’ve written the above poem amidst the angsts that I felt while I was in limbo as to what transpired to my legs in mid-April of 2018. The legs were just the starting points though, for the red papules invaded my upper extremities as well (the inset of the picture below).


I’ve been trying to lead a healthy lifestyle through good food and exercise and even supplementation. It’s akin to, I woke up like this! It definitely caught me by surprise. And, because I lost a sister to Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in 2001, I could not help myself getting scared (not for me but for my young kids) to be told that I have Idiopathic Hypersensitivity Vasculitis!

Notice the same first word? Idiopathic.  It means that a disease is arising from an unknown cause. What makes matters worse is, we have the same treatment – prednisone. Prednisone is a dehydrogenated analogue of cortisol used as immunosuppressant in my late sister’s and my case.

Who on earth wouldn’t be bothered? But, that’s an understatement for the well managed, if not grappled, internal panic I had. Only by God’s grace, propelled by incessant prayers by people who care, that I’m able to go through those trying months. And, God led me to victory on 18th of May. TGBTG!


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