November: Birthmonth of Heartmonth Babies

It is notable that when November comes, numerous individuals celebrate their birthday. Well, I can only observe what occurs in my immediate tiny universe of friends, acquaintances, workmates and relatives. Hopefully, I can dig about this phenomenon using local and international statistical records.

PhotoGrid_1542283576252In the Philippines, the first two days of November are on national holiday for religious reasons. The first day is for the Catholic saints, the second day is in remembrance of departed loved ones (souls). Majority of the Filipinos, the Catholics, go home to their provincial home towns to pay respect to their dead at the cemetery.

During these first two days, I have friends who celebrate their birthdays. And, it seems, everday thereafter I have a friend or a relative who I grace the birthday celebration. From my family of orientation, I have 2 nieces, the daughters KC and Chen of my younger brother whose birthdays are on October 13 and 17, respectively. KC just turned 7 years old while Chen will be 5 years old.



In my community, I have spiritual  sisters who celebrate their birthday this month.



And, I have these former International House dormmates who are like older sisters I never had, as I’m the family’ eldest.



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