How GoGetFunding did not Work For My Cause: The Case of Teacher Manilyn’s Septicemia

Yes, the renowned help platform did not work for my posted cause back in February 2019 as it did to many others. The website said in one of its tips that to boost the campaign I need to repeatedly broadcast my campaign to various social media accounts at least twice to five times in a day for a week. I only have Facebook. And I’m into it just because many of my friends have migrated to other countries, including my only bio-sister. I need to be in touch with them. So, I do not have Twitter or Instagram. I do not feel I need to have them. So this is the topmost reason fatale to my campaign.

The second best reason would be this – I’ve most likely exhausted the help of my friends via Facebook since two months ago from the campaign. Through Facebook, my friends  and relatives altogether got updates of the family’s predicament since Day1, that was 13th of December 2018. When I openly broadcasted on my Facebook wall the need for others to come forward and extend financial help two weeks after the family crisis, friends and relatives have started pouring out their support. Hence, posting a campaign in GoGetFunding was sort of hitting strangers. True enough, as what the website mentioned in one of its tips, seldom can you attract strangers to your cause. It should be your family and friends. Hence, this is the next reason fatale to the campaign.

I guess, I only have to mention these two reasons and it sort of cover the whole story of the campaign’s partial failure already. It’s not complete failure anyhow since there are very few friends of my sister who coursed through their help at GoGetFunding, although, they could have directly sent the amount via the usual route to my bank accounts, thereby saving the PayPal fees (which is GoGetFunding’s conduit).

So, what was the campaign all about? Let me just share here a poem I’ve written out of the fullness of my heart when my sister -in-law Manilyn was discharged from the hospital on the 4th of February 2019 after her Day 1 of confinement on 13th of December 2018. The poem sort of give a bird’s eye view of the family crisis we had had, to which until now we are still recovering – Manilyen to regain back her pre-sick self and us to be debt free from coop loans incurred.

💥Out by God’s Grace💫

53 days in hospital
A month of that in ICU
In hospital due to labor pains
Normally delivered the baby
Contracted septicemia the next day

For days just on supportive care
Kidneys fail, vitals deranged
Everything seemed unknown
Bacteria or whether would wake up
That sight of frailty attached to tubes

Specialists too hoped for a miracle
Waiting in days and nights too long
Days turned to weeks, carers on edge
Prescriptions in hundreds to thousands
Beyond what common families could bear

Sells shirts for a cause became a source
Lo! Friends sent help even without shirts
Ripple of friends of friends of how many
Harold, Mcwain, Abing, David, Martin, Ann
And oh strangers online ordered shirts

Miracle in cure, miracle in helping out
How wonderful it is to be truly rich in
Friends in deed in moments of need
A given, recuperation would take time
Alongside efforts in bills settlement

So, other friends who have not yet bought
We still have shirts for a cause for sale
Proceeds will help us out settle the bills
You’re never late yet in sending help out
Your 400 for shirt helps save two lives

Thank you much kind-hearted friends
Whose outright support weeks ago
Definitely helped us out in daily Rx
God bless you and your family
With good health and abundance

To end this post, I have to say my gratitude to Facebook for allowing me to speedily connect to my friends in times of jubilation and in moments of crisis needing help.

PS. I will write later another post about my sister-in-law


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