Colors as Group Symbols: Political Labeling in the Philippines

Yesterday, PH Election Day, I consciously chose the color of my outfit of the day, thereby eliminating few of my spontaneous grabs of clothes. I’d like to slip in and out of the voting precinct sans labelling eyes on my ootd. I ended up wearing the color that matches best the indelible ink. Nobility, grandeur, wisdom of voting are few of violet’s depiction. As a citizen of this country and a resident of this city, I did my duty.

Labeling (in politics) may level-up like a wrecking ball that smashes relationships, especially among passionate individuals, friends or family, who can be emphatic in expressing choices. Agreement to disagree can be tough to those whose social statuses accord them being listened to, obeyed, nodded. This escalates when one tries sooo hard to futilely convince the other. Frustrations are expressed in harsh words, either bravely in face to face interactions or as generic shoutouts on facebook walls.

Whichever way, it’s like engaging a war where there’s no ultimate winner, as each may likely be physically exhausted and emotionally devastated. It’s that choice that kind of deep, maybe likened to that of faith and love.

Can anyone tell you who to worship? Will you reckon to somebody telling you who to love? Like clanging cymbals are your word-spurts expressing that your choice is the best, what’s right, and all else are otherwise. Isn’t that too self-righteous?


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