About My Blog


If you’ve previously dropped by this tiny part of the vast worldwide web, you may notice that the blog’s name is now different. I tweaked my blog’s name to a phrase that realistically describe why and when I write. I do not have a schedule in posting an entry. I do it when I’m ignited. And, when is that? There is no time-bound. So, what ignites me? Both emotions and reason.

= = = = = = = =

PREVIOUSLY as martinugmaryann.com

I named my blog from the combination of my and my husband’s name, hence, martinugmaryann. My husband’s name is Martin and I am Mary Ann. The equivalent English word for the two-letter word “ug” is”and.”

I have just started this blog, although some of the previous posts have been done years back in another site.  I’ve migrated my multiply.com page contents here in wordpress.com, as suggested by multiply then.  I can not actually call myself a blogger then since I just posted mostly pictures to chronicle my children’s milestones in multiply, which was more of a social networking site.  I did those stuffs to share with my friends who are in other countries.  We kept ourselves updated through pictures with captions.

Now this is a different site that calls for a different approach.

Well, it has been my long-time dream to be a writer.  I used to keep a journal where I write of what and how I feel about people, events, things and other social phenomena.  I know that how I wrote those will not be applicable here.  That was exclusively fully a personal matter.  This is a personal matter shared with everyone else.  What I write should also have relevance and substance that may have a latent, if not manifest, benefit to others who may have the chance to read it.


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