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The Heart of My Other Half























your heart is indeed this BIG

when it comes to loving and caring

the people who matter to you

including even those who

may not matter to others at all

but to you everyone is as

significant as part in this web of life

who did’nt tell me I am swerte?

for martin is buotan from Lingkod brethren

to acquaintances around Iligan

yes it is true you have

what other husbands may not have

lengthened patience and flexibility

to name a few from a long list

you do what they may not do

taking the child rearing part with joy

to complement my child bearing odyssey

changing diapers even in the wee hours

holding the baby to breastfeed

when my deep CS cut’s

bothered my every move

accomplish the kids’ toilet-training

by waking up to let every child

pee in the middle of the night

bringing lunch to the schoolchild

amidst the day as a working dad

never was there a waver

in all these and that of our journey

of course I’d say married life has become

as easy as 1-2-3 with you as the other half

so supportive of my beauty =)

including my vanity

so the kids would often say

daddy loves mommy

for before their eyes

they’d see how you are towards me

so these revelations

are my way of telling the world

a husband can do all these and that

and still look handsome and masculine

and my way of saying to the Lord

I am grateful You send Martin

just at the right time

in that destined year of 2000

Happy Valentine’s Day 2011

my other half!


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