Sociology: A Life’s Twist to a Right Turn

How could I have possibly landed in this field of study when way back in the so-backward town I lived for the first 16 years of my life, it was not ever mentioned in a class discussion. The word was definitely as foreign as an alien.  What people in the community were familiar with were the very few courses few children in college have taken up – Commerce, Engineering, Midwifery, and pang-Maestra (Education). So, my family, particularly my father, would only like me to take on commerce in preparation for Law.  At least, my father already had another course in mind, beyond Commerce.

However, what to take was just subsequent question to the main concerns. First main concern was how can I proceed to college without the corresponding budget for college education.  Second concern was the same. Third concern was the same. And if this concern was to have positive answer, what course to take could come next.

From much browsing countless of times the yearbook of my high school teacher, Vivencia or mam Bingbing, I envisioned myself as a college student at the Mindanao State University in Marawi. Her stories of how countless poor students there from various parts of Mindanao finished studies and obtained degrees made me dream to join those students. She mentioned that those undecided yet what course to take may enroll in Liberal Arts. Look around and observe which course is really fit for you and after two to three semesters, shift to the desired course. She said, Sociology teachers are amiable, their Department can be a good stepping stone.

So, there I was, upon


From Sociology, 14th ed by John C Macionis

From Sociology book, 14th ed (2012) authored by John C Macionis

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